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want to know in succession indiscriminately

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The country citizen doesn't temporary and not go to Philippines.Leave for as far as an overseas to look for business opportunities, study abroad along with more Chinese and recreation, this be just Ministry of Foreign Affairs at pass by an in the last years has to handle of one of numerous cases.In this period, add Na and arrest China and illegally pan for gold, Vietnam explosion of anti- China riot sink into a dangerous situation the local Chinese, Iraq war forces Chinese worker of setting up the power station and escapes these affairses and makes people want to know in succession indiscriminately, whether China has already worked well preparation for protecting them.Last year, Chinese hinterland citizen exited from country total amount to nike free 5.0 v4 mujeresapproach 100,000,000 people.At the same time, about 20,000 in home property business enterprise at the offshore investment, the footprint spreads all over 200 near nations.Ministry of Foreign Affairs consul department representative director said, consul's protecting a need had already surged into "unprecedented" degree, in order to reply day by day complicated and related case, need to adopt a kind of"new thinking" and strategy.But Chinese consul protect currently of hand and ability can not satisfy to face of new condition.Go into business industry and labor dispute to lose ID card clear statement piece and urgently safe affairs, last year Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and outside halted organization to get along to place a consul protection case is 42,000.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already adopted service in some measure extension overseas, and is at the beginning of this month Chinese citizen of the body place overseas to break through consul

Protect hot line.As early as 10 year agos, the representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commerce department and public security official's department has already established a work set and evaluate oversea safe condition to merge to match should to the emergency.But northern big college of international relations professor Wang Yi Zhou said, the government needed to protect to throw in more resourceses to the consul.For example, last year when more than 100 Chinese citizen was imprisonned because of being adding Na to illegally mine for minerals, Chinese legation only an officials handle the affairs.There are only 6500 employees in Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, equal to everybody contributes efforts to 180,000 citizens.Compare under, nike free 5.0+ ventaevery 6000 Americans has a diplomatist.Certainly, extension service inevitably means budget increment.Wang Shuo, "the foreign affairs in China usually concentrate concern key figures politics and visit.But our beard pays attention to the common citizen's need more at present".The whole province checks a Cha organization 8 months ago registered for the record investigate 20 job crime hall classes staff Hubei province original pair provincial governor Guo You clearly fastenned me save a prosecutor check did reporter, Liu Qi Lu, originally reported Xun Cheng be greedy for cured Fu and penalty direct, this year, we save of the public prosecutor is very busy.Yesterday, the province checked a Cha hospital to check Cha work progress 8 months ago to social notification this year, all province check the Cha organization registered for the record to investigate 20 job crime hall classes

Staff, staff from department class in a province.Be among them and lately registered for the record by the prosecutor to check what to do is halt store City horse at first just mayoral? staff, Wang Zhen Guo, and health hall pair in province tour member Zhao Lian Zhou.The prosecutor reveals for the very first time that the staff from department class in a province whom my province registers for the record to check to do fastens Hubei province original pair provincial governor Guo You is clearly.Province check representative director in the Cha hospital reveal, I save a check duty to publicly work to push forward further, public contents to enforce the law to handle a case procedure, process and deepen as a result.The keyword"beat a tiger"'s checking to do a job crime hall is 20 officers, the one staff from department class in province check Cha organization in province insists that the case necessarily check, have Fu necessarily Cheng.According to the notification, January, this year to August, all province check the Cha organization totally register for the record to investigate corruption hush money to commit crime 1663 the piece is 2261 nike free 4.0 v3 ventapeople, blaspheme a job infringement to commit crime 599 the piece is 1022 people, among them the county place class above 172 staffs, inside have the hall class 20 staffs, one staff from department class in province.According to the tallest people check a Cha hospital appointed, the province checked a Cha hospital to register for the record to check place Hubei province original pair provincial governor Guo You take bribe case, the center to outward publicizee five bureaus in the office clearly original pair bureau chief Gao Jian Yun take bribe a case, original railroad department police department bureau chief Wang Guang Xun take bribe a case;Matched with to save Ji Wei to check place righteousness coal group original force of president to the Lu, week Wei in City at first often Wei, and the government method Wei secretary Zhu Jia Chen...etc.

expend from this year

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Condition, thin the elucidation for turning public finance receipt and expenditure.On September 12, public finance hall in the province namely releases to announce and publicly insolates "flower sell".It is 215,378,500 dollars, turned surplus and business fund to make up receipt and expenditure difference in amount last year 3 item by the this annual income and knot to constitute to save public finance hall in the Year 2013's gross earnings;Always expend 215,378,500 dollars, expend from this year, surplus allotment and year-end knot turn to constitute with surplus 3 item.The final accounts suggests that public finance hall in the province mainly chases budget flower at generally public serve, educate, social guarantee and employment and housing nike free 4.0 v2 hombreguarantee etc..Among them, the generally public service expenditure is the most, mainly used for save the public finance hall section administration organization and business unit guarantee organization operation and develop a public finance management activity but occurrence of basic expenditure and item expenditure.Include the information-based system construction, public finance direct check, agriculture to synthesize development, national treasury concentration to accept to pay the business, tax source survey, finance and tax legal system education, province the class administration business unit property management, results management, the public finance prepare final accounts work, finance and tax reform, public finance investigation, government procurement business management and public finance item to judge etc..Educate mainly are that accountancy school in Henan and the correspondence school organization of accountancy from China in Henan Be normal to revolve and develop education management activity etc. hair

Living of basic expenditure and item expenditure;Social guarantee and employment mainly is save the public finance hall section administration and business unit to leave retiree budget, for leave to retire a staff to provide management kimono to work, comfort the bereaved, social insurance and employment guarantee to manage business, etc. take place of expenditure;Medical and health and housing guarantee expenditure and Be mainly used for saving the public finance hall section administration and business unit designate as an officers and workers to pay to cure to protect according to the relevant nation with provident zapatillas nike free 3.0 v5fund.Expense|"three male" budget public finance appropriation expend "big shopkeeper" that 7,398,500 dollars bears the bag whether spend each penny money at knife blade up?Can see from"three male" budget expenditure, 2013, province public finance hall whole years have no the bus purchase expenditure, the annual"three Mr.s" budget public finance appropriation expends 7,398,500 dollars.The final accounts not only lists "three male" budget each expense in detail, and take into to elaborate on towards going, person-time.Go abroad(territory) a fee to expend 276,200 dollars among them and on account of duty.The whole yearses use public finance appropriation the arrangement go abroad or participate in Ministry of Finance organization outward exchanges, training the matter activity outside etc. add up to 9, the total amount is 21 people.The expenditure contents includes a GPA item investigation and take part in a life time to go a loan to study training class and public finance budget to open a training class and public item

The eyes investment takes charge of and examines training class and human resource to manage to moderate a mechanism training with development training class, public finance policy and monetary policy class etc..Official business.Mainly used for the food production core area and China economic area and Zheng Zhou aviation harbor economy comprehensive experiment area construction policy investigation;A life time goes, second line of organization expert with international financial etc., officials' delegation's item observe and learn, investigate, check, check and accept;Accept a related section check guiding;Receive relevant policy councilor, check, investigation, interview etc. activity reception of upper grade section and brothers city nike free 3.0 v4 hommeexpenditure, the whole yearses totally receive 180, 1138 people.The official business is expended 5,064,700 dollars with the car movement maintenance fee.Whole years have no the official business is purchased expenditure with the car and circulated a maintenance fee to mainly used for the fuel that the official business in public finance in the whole province work official business activity is used a car, maintain, road bridge, leasing, insurance, renewal examination etc. expenditure.September 17 of Hong Kong South China Morning Post article, original:More people leave for foreign tour and work, Chinese consul serves gradually heavy because more people leave for oversea tour and work, the consul service department of China is making greatest efforts should to the task of gradual complications.After another Chinese is kidnap in Philippines recently, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds an origin

country frequently not only

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Once took actors of one troupe with Pan Yi sun while recording, in the province Wei of Jiangxi often the Wei leadership worked together in the actors of one troupe for 3 years, until in 2010, the Pan Yi sun left Jiangxi and adjusted Inner Mongolia pair chairman.The judicial police use breaks to dismantle tool to tore down the door of guarding against theft.Yesterday, Gao Yuan in Peking carried on compulsory execution to the Teng ground case.A little bit pure spot since get of bullet.It is strong and keep the spot and discover a drug.Because own money about 3 hundred million, the group limited company(brief name Fubon interest industry company) of the Fubon interest industry investment in Peking Legal Representative's Lun country frequently not only refuse nonperformance verdict, also correct to gather several people to occupy already drive using of judicial sale nike free run 3 ventaground.Yesterday morning, Gao Yuan in Peking gathered more than 200 judges and judicial police and started out 5610 police cars carried on compulsory execution towards being involved with the ground, and on the spot rose to get bullet, ice poison and controled knife to have etc. product.Lun country frequently drive impose on the 15th judicatory detention.During this time compulsory execution, Gao Yuan in Peking used the long range video frequency conductor system for the very first time.The details of case owner hires a person to have factory premises to refuse Teng ground since 2007, the east city, the dynasty sun, plentiful set and state, two medium etc. many domestic discipline hospitals in hospital continuously accepted with Fubon interest industry company for be carried out the person's case.Up to now May, year, still have ten remainings within the scope of Peking since don't physically keep

Wind up a lawsuit a piece, involve the companies to bear debt engineering style, payment, and rental...etc., the obligation principal is about 300,000,000 dollars.On December 17, 2009, the east city court confiscated and sealed a Fubon interest the industry company obtains of state area the west gather a stateowned land of more than 130,000 square meters inside the industrial park use right, other courts continuously carried out a round to wait to confiscate and seal measure.The east city court entrusts a state court to the thing of use right in the land and ground for confiscating and sealing carry on valuation, sale.On August 23, 2013, the Jing buys person Peking City the some machine construction company with 230,000,000 dollars, Jing get this land, and will all buy to be subjected to payment consignation a court on April 14 this year.But, use power alteration to register to wait link in the follow-up land in, Fubon interest industry company legal person representative the Lun country nike free 3.0 v2 onlinefrequently employ a social free personnel to occupy factory premises and refuse that the Jing buys the staff member whom person machine company and land register a section enter survey.The machine starts construction companies to apply for compulsory execution to the court.The court seeks a Lun country to frequently talk for many times, the company always resists a performance.On September 3, the eastern city court pastes up to announce and limit the company on the 3rd inside withdraw and buy place consignation to be subjected to a person.Announce after term expire, the Fubon Xing Ye company didn't implement a consignation obligation, on the contrary while pasting up to account in doorway card.Gao in Peking

The hospital decides carrying on compulsory execution to the Fubon interest industry company on September 17.The spot judicial police holds to shear to mow tool to dismantle to guard against theft a discover while expecting to investigate before court, strong keep the spot have already been frequently corrected to gather with it by the Lun country of about 50 social free personnels occupy.In consideration of the other party may hold a weapon involved in murder violent anti- method, Gao Yuan in Peking carries out a bureau to decide to make use of in system in the performance commanding center that has been already built up of the whole city in the all levels court, the long range directs several court performances of whole cities the strength carries on to the case strong keep.Yesterday morning, state, eastern city, dynasty sun, big interest, two medium the hospital nike free 3.0 v4 ventagathered more than 200 performance judges, judicial police and started out 5610 police cars and rushed through to leave for the performance that a state area west gathered an industrial park the spot.In order to stand before beating, the state judicial police is great brigade government Wei Guo the lately- led troops is to reach before as early as 8:00.Guo lately says that the east door of their more than ten individuals gets into from the factory area, from two stairses the second floor, counteract and break a hammer and break a door but go into."After entering a house, they all in the sleeping, side put baseball bat, and chopper...etc., I yell to move and resist result complacent.They start thinking holdout, a listen to this sentence immobility".Almost at the same time, all judicial polices arrive to, the their hand holds shield, Jing Xie and break a door to shear to mow tool, fire extinguisher

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